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Watching Josh Brolin Get His Cable Mask Made Will Be the Most Harrowing Part of Deadpool 2

#breathingisforpussies Photo: joshbrolin/Instagram

Josh Brolin has already been cast as Cable in Deadpool 2 across from Ryan Reynolds, but the photos he shared from his special-effects prep suggest it’s not too late to change his character into a horrible blue villain who breathes out of pinholes poked into his nostrils. His character’s origin story? Going insane after sitting through a mask-making session during preproduction for Deadpool 2. His superpower? Making people look at these photos of his head and eyes and mouth covered in hardening blue silicone until they die of horror. His catchphrase? “#breathingisforpussies,” of course. This is the Deadpool franchise, after all.

Josh Brolin Instagrams Getting His Mask Made for Deadpool 2