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See the Violent New Video for ‘Now or Never’, Directed by Halsey

Halsey’s new video for her song “Now or Never” feels like a cross between Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet and Double Dragon. The pseudo short film, which Halsey directed, features a kind of post-civilization love story in which a pair of warring factions that seem to worship both guns and what’s left of God are trying to keep the songstress from her star-crossed lover. She hails from the gang that signifies its affiliation through a tropical color scheme and lots of gold, and he from the street angels that wear all white. There’s a fortune teller, an argument between Halsey and her (maybe) best friend, and a pretty violent gun fight. The end hints that this might just be the first in a multipart series, so get in on the narrative early!

See the Violent New Video for Halsey’s ‘Now or Never’