Seth Meyers Evaluates President Trump’s 30 Executive Orders in the First 100 Days

As Donald Trump nears his first-100-days-in-office benchmark, the president doesn’t seem to be all that close to accomplishing many of his campaign promises. While there may not be funding for the border wall, there isn’t a new health-care system in place, and the travel ban is tied up in courts, at least Trump can boast about plenty of executive orders. Except, as Seth Meyers points out during his Closer Look segment on Late Night, some politicians don’t think executive orders are an effective way to govern, and by “some politicians” we mean Donald Trump circa 2016 while Obama was still in charge. That was candidate Trump though. That guy also thought NATO was obsolete, which President Trump admits was a misinformed statement. Too bad there’s no way to learn international politics before your first 100 days as the leader of the free world.

Seth Meyers Bashes Trump’s 30 Executive Orders in First 100