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Seth Meyers Looks Forward to What Could Be the Most Memorable Part of Trump’s First 100 Days: a Government Shutdown

This week will no doubt elicit many a look back at President Donald Trump’s first 100 days, but let’s be honest, do you really need one? You remember the year so far, right? It literally just happened. In fact, it’s still happening. As Seth Meyers explains on Late Night, money for the Mexican border wall is only one issue back in the news now that Congress and the Trump administration must work together to pass government funding for the year or risk a shutdown. The deal’s Friday deadline is, you guessed it, Trump’s 100th day in office. That still gives the Trump White House plenty of time to have a First 100 Days that will go down in history books, specifically listed under Government Shutdowns in the index.

Seth Meyers Wonders About That Potential Government Shutdown