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Seth Meyers Explains Trump’s War on Canada With an Array of Penis Jokes

This week, Donald Trump decided to wage his newest war on our neighbor to the North, accusing Canada of undercutting America’s dairy farmers and lumberjacks. During his Closer Look segment on Late Night, Seth Meyers explained Trump’s tariff on Canadian softwood lumber (with plenty of penis jokes, of course). And don’t be fooled by their reputation, Trump says. Those hockey-loving, Tim Hortons–drinking Canadians have “been tough on us.” Tough enough, apparently, to threaten pulling out of NAFTA, the two-decade old trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. But Meyers can’t help but point out that this can’t be the first time Trump has had to pull out because of soft wood.

Seth Meyers Explains Trump’s War on Canada With Penis Jokes