The Get Down’s Shameik Moore Will Play Animated Spider-Man Miles Morales

Shameik Moore Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

If you were hoping your #Donald4SpiderMan dreams would come true and Donald Glover would reprise his role as replacement Spidey Miles Morales in the upcoming animated Spider-Man flick, we have bad news for you: He ain’t doing it. But there’s good news, too: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miles will be voiced by none other than rising star Shameik Moore of Dope and The Get Down. Even more good news: Liev Schreiber will be playing the as-yet-unnamed villain in the picture, thus reentering the superhero orbit after his somewhat disastrous turn in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Produced by Sony, the movie will be set outside the continuity of the live-action Spider-Man movies.

For those not in the know, Miles was first introduced as the Afro-Latino kid who took up the Spider-Mantle after the death of Peter Parker in an alternate-universe comics series called Ultimate Spider-Man. The character — co-created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli — now inhabits the mainstream Marvel universe after an interdimensional shake-up, where he acts as a second Spider-Man, thus confusing everyone. Presumably, this story will also focus on his attempt to become a respected wall-crawler after the death of a version of Peter, so it’ll be interesting to see who takes over that voice role. What’s Shinji Todō up to these days?

Shameik Moore Will Play Animated Spider-Man Miles Morales