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Sinbad’s Lost Shazaam Movie Found Just in Time for April Fools’ Day

Here’s to the ones who dream, April foolish as they may seem: “Lost” footage from Shazaam has finally been found, just in time for April Fools’ Day. For those rusty on their ’90s romps, Shazaam stars Sinbad as a wise-cracking genie. For those rusty on the mysterious workings of the dark web, Shazaam does not, in a matter of speaking, exist. It’s a figment of the internet’s collection imagination, but, well, trick’s on us, since College Humor went ahead and willed it into being for a good April Fools’ gag. Man, sometimes you think the Secret is some kinda scam, and sometimes you’re confronted with a clip from Shazaam. Now that this crisis is settled, please leave Sinbad to travel the seven seas in peace.

Sinbad’s Shazaam Movie Found in Time for April Fools’ Day