drop the bass and put your hands up

Skrillex Reportedly Pulled Over, Put in Handcuffs After Playing His Own Music Too Loud

Skrillex. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In the most Skrillex news imaginable, Skrillex was reportedly stopped and briefly detained by police after playing music “too loud” in his Tesla, an incident that was filmed in part and put online. The DJ-producer says he was unable to produce identification to the attending officers, and was temporarily put in handcuffs until authorities could sort out what kind of monster would repeatedly and heartlessly drop the bass like that. Skrillex was subsequently dismissed by police and later jokingly tweeted at Elon Musk, blaming the sound system in his car for simply being too fire. Skrillex’s attempt to have a haircut so unique he didn’t need to carry ID was thwarted by America’s need to turn it into a monster trend, and as such, the responsibility for this incident rests on all of us.

Skrillex Pulled Over and Cuffed After Playing Music Too Loud