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Star Wars IX Screenwriter Is Suing His Ex for Threats She Allegedly Made Using Entourage References

Derek Connolly. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In the world’s single most heterosexual legal battle, Jurassic World and Star Wars IX screenwriter Derek Connolly is suing a woman he met on Tinder over threats to his career, one of which she communicated via Entourage references. Per TMZ, Connolly, who also wrote Monster Trucks and Safety Not Guaranteed, is suing his ex, whom he met on the dating app last May, for stalking and invasion of privacy. He claims that, after a messy breakup, she posted their text message conversations on Instagram, threatened to “gut” his career, and told him that it would be “Entourage S7 E7” if he didn’t comply with her demands to hand over her belongings by a certain time. For those who didn’t stick with Vince and the boys all the way through the end of Entourage, that’s apparently a reference to the episode “Tequila and Coke,” in which a woman leaks damaging audiotapes of Ari Gold to Deadline Hollywood. We hope both sides can resolve this amicably and expect the verdict to be delivered in Miami Vice references.

Star Wars IX Screenwriter Sues Ex Over Entourage Threats