Stephen Colbert and Alec Baldwin Present Some ‘Too Much Exposition Theatre’ on ‘Late Show’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Show, where Stephen Colbert finds a way to show off his excellent theatrical skills alongside guest Alec Baldwin with a brand new installment of “Too Much Exposition Theatre.” Like Bryan Cranston’s installment, Baldwin and Colbert manage to cram an epic drama about two Lancastwinshire nobles into just a few minutes. “And now here I stand, having washed ashore on an island where monkeys roamed like sheep and ruled like gods, and only by disguising myself as my own sister was I able to seduce the captain of a passing naval frigate to surprise you here,” Baldwin says. “Oh, cous, no surprise, for you see, shortly after your disappearance I was traipsing in the woods looking for sweet crabapple when I was surrounded by three witches!” “The sexy kind?” “Is there any other?!”

Stephen Colbert and Alec Baldwin Present Some ‘Too […]