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Stephen Colbert Takes a Break From Talking About Donald Trump to Gibe Trump’s Sons

Stephen Colbert is tired. Well, not in the sleepy sense — he’s been talking about Donald Trump a lot lately, and frankly wants to tackle any other topic for his show’s opening monologue. That’s fair! So what do we got here today on The Late Show? Oh, you know, a few thoughts about Donald “Trump the Lesser” Jr. and Eric “’80s Movie Henchman With No Speaking Lines” Trump, and their respective thoughts on governor runs and nepotism. “That is absurd and it’ll never happen, is what I would’ve said six months ago. Now? We’re screwed,” Colbert quipped about Don Jr.’s political aspirations, before adding about Eric, “He’s aware enough to realize he was born on third base and competent enough to not have wandered into the outfield.” Ivanka was able to walk away unscathed this time around.

Stephen Colbert Goes in on Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump