Survivor Player Who Outed Fellow Contestant As Transgender Fired From Day Job

Jeff Varner. Photo: CBS

Survivor: Game Changers contestant Jeff Varner is facing real-life consequences after outing fellow contestant Zeke Smith as transgender during last week’s episode. Varner told his local Greensboro, North Carolina, newspaper News & Record that he has been fired from his job as a real-estate agent due to the backlash, with his employers telling him that he’s “in the middle of a news story that we don’t want anything to do with.” Varner, who was voted off Survivor soon after his attack on Smith, has faced fierce criticism since the episode aired. Varner offered his “deepest, most heart-felt apologies” to Smith, and says he has entered therapy as a result of his behavior.

Survivor Outer of Trans Contestant Fired From Day Job