Take ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Roy Wood Jr.’s Crash Course on Black Twitter

Here’s a clip from last night’s Daily Show, where correspondent Roy Wood Jr. explains Black Twitter for the uninitiated (“Think of Black Twitter as Harlem: black folks made it cool, and now white people are trying to move in”) and learns about its impact and significance by chatting with Elon James White and Jamilah Lemieux, who points out that Twitter is the “first thing that black people have effectively appropriated and made our own” and that “they should just give us Twitter,” since Black Twitter has been so effective at turning all kinds of injustice into a mainstream, national conversation. “People love to say ‘Ooh, if Dr. King had Twitter, he would’ve gotten more accomplished!’” Wood says. “Would he? How you know he wouldn’t have just been up all night arguing with trolls?”

Take ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Roy Wood Jr.’s Crash […]