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Taran Killam Crowns Brian d’Arcy James As Hamilton’s New (Old) King George III, Finally Catching on to British History’s Monarchical-Upheaval Habit

Finally, we’re getting some historical accuracy, or at least the feeling of historical accuracy, in Hamilton’s royal-succession ceremonies. Up until now, the so-called Order of the Garter, wherein one King George III passes his crown and more intimate garments to the next, has been all graciousness and peaceful transitions of power. No more, as King George III the First, Brian d’Arcy James, returned to usurp the throne as King George III the Sixth this week. James, who originated the role off-Broadway and actually created the Order of the Garter ritual — as if you wouldn’t create a sensual ceremony around Jonathan Groff — takes the reigns from Taran Killam, finally giving these proceedings a bloody, War of the Roses power-struggle vibe. Okay, fine, so it’s actually still awfully polite, thanks to these damn professionals. So, sit back, watch the coronation, and enjoy all of the semantic confusion of monarchical instability, now with none of that hideous Reformation stress.

Taran Killam Crowns Hamilton’s New King Brian d’Arcy James