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This Golden Revival of Girls Is Notable Mostly for Putting All Four Girls in the Same Scene

Girls may have finally found the ultimate hack to TV’s revival boom: Reunite before you ever get around to departing. Mere weeks before the series ends its run on HBO, Lena Dunham & Co. have debuted a look at their Golden Girls–ified 2067 reunion special. Friends, there are some surprises in store. For one, Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna actually all still talk to each other 50 years out, a revelation that is either heartwarming or utterly depressing, depending on exactly how much of a grind you think friendship should be. Indeed, from Elijah’s youthful glow to Marnie’s unrelenting polish, Girls is more or less how it always was, though imagining a future where Hannah lacks the dexterity for indulgent baths is harrowing.

The Girls of Girls Are Still Friends for Their Golden Years