The Mother of Hannah’s Baby on Girls Says He ‘Fit the Role to a T,’ Despite Claims He Was Miscast

Hannah and Grover. Photo: Courtesy of HBO

In the Girls finale, Hannah (Lena Dunham) gives birth to a baby boy, who she names Grover after a suggestion from Paul-Louis, her baby-daddy surf-camp instructor, played by Riz Ahmed. Their baby seemed not to look like the product of a white woman and a light-skinned Pakistani man, but rather, as many people pointed out on social media, black — another visible fumble for the show, which has struggled with race in the past. But the baby’s real-life mother, Jaclyn Nichole, isn’t comfortable with people calling her children (Grover is played by twins) black. In a now-deleted tweet (via the Root), Nichole said that her baby “isn’t black! He’s Puerto Rican & His Dad is Haitian.” Nichole also retweeted two users, one who responded to her tweet pointing out that “Black Puerto Ricans and Haitians exist,” and another who responded to someone calling Grover black by saying the baby could be a “number of ethnicities.” Nichole hasn’t directly addressed the fact that the baby is definitely not of South Asian descent, aside from her insistence that his race doesn’t matter and “he fit the role to a T & he’s gorgeous!”

The Mother of Hannah’s Baby on Girls Reveals His Actual Race