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Tom Hanks Remains Extremely Bitter About One Aspect of His Polynesian Vacation With the Obamas, Oprah, and Bruce Springsteen

As each and every photograph from the experience proves, Barack Obama has enjoyed vacationing tremendously. So it should be easy enough to assume that Tom Hanks, beacon of affability that he is, would tremendously enjoy vacationing with Obama, particularly when the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Springsteen are also on board. Alas … sort of? Hanks did relish the overall experience, but one incident — in which all of the other famous people got “some fine and dandy” bikes and Hanks got a rusty, tiny “hunk of junk,” runt of the litter — tainted the experience enough that Hanks would “rather get Legionnaires’ disease” than repeat it. Apparently, one minute, everything’s fine — then, all of the sudden, “Oprah’s gone,” and we finally understand why Hanks has historically preferred running.

Tom Hanks Has Gripe About Vacationing With the Obamas, Oprah