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Trevor Noah Introduces America to This Week’s President: Jared Kushner

Among the many questions surrounding Donald Trump’s administration, one is particularly unclear: Who’s steering this ship? Sure, we all know the electoral college has spoken and Trump is president, but who is looking after America while the commander-in-chief catches up on cable news? According to Trevor Noah’s definitive ranking of “Who is the real president?” the top spot, above both Karen Pence and her husband Mike, belongs to Jared Kushner. In addition to being leader of the free world, Kushner is currently tasked with bringing peace to the Middle East, planning social events with China’s president, and vacuuming the White House rugs. Okay, we made up that last one, but if he was really a good son-in-law to Trump, he’d consider lending a hand with the housework once in a while.

Trevor Noah Introduces This Week’s President: Jared Kushner