Tuck Buckford Returns to ‘The Late Show’ to Show Off His Male Vitality

The custody battle between insane radio host Alex Jones and his estranged wife has gotten even weirder this week with the news that Jones reportedly is “fond of disrobing” during counseling sessions and couldn’t remember basic facts about his kids because, in his defense, he had eaten “a big bowl of chili.” Given all these updates, it seemed only right that Stephen Colbert played another clip from his lesser-known super-conservative character Tuck Buckford last night, and it turns out that the Brain Fight host went through the exact same problems as Jones. “I got power, okay? I’m a father! I have male vitality! My children flew out my penis like a flame of love, and then they were made, and now I love them like they were a fire of my own mind!” Buckford says. “And I can’t remember stuff – all these details about these kids that may or may not be mine – cause my brain signals are getting all scrambled up by the chili!”

Tuck Buckford Returns to ‘The Late Show’ to Show Off […]