Watch Some Clips from the Premiere of Anthony Atamanuik’s ‘The President Show’

Anthony Atamanuik’s The President Show premiered on Comedy Central last night, and with some help from Peter Grosz as Mike Pence and the show’s first guest Keith Olbermann, we finally got to see what a late night show hosted by Atamanuik’s expert Trump impression looks like. “Trump” kicked things off by chatting with Pence about their first 100 days and introducing a desk segment called “Not! Not Nice!” but the episode highlight was definitely a pretaped segment called “Trump’s New York,” where we quickly learn that Trump knows nothing about New York City, is terrified of stairs and slopes of any size, and gets really, really, really excited whenever he sees a big truck: “Did you guys see? The truck goes honk honk! Did you see that? Unbelievable, it’s so crazy! And you see how it moved – big trucks, big wheels, and the big wheels go around, and when you pull on the horn the horn goes crazy, and the truck’s so unbelievable because it’s a tremendous truck! I wish we had a bigger truck. Wouldn’t it be great if a big truck came?”

Check out some more clips from the premiere below, including Trump’s interview with Keith Olbermann at the very beachy Mar-a-Lago set:

Watch Some Clips from the Premiere of Anthony […]