Why You Should Check Out Anthony Oberbeck and Carmen Christopher’s ‘Sex Talk’

Out of Thomas Fricilone and Kelly Cooper’s Ground Floor Comedy has come a truly insane web series worthy of 10 of your minutes today. It’s called Sex Talk, it’s hosted by Anthony Oberbeck and Carmen Christopher, and it will make you feel as if you’ve descended into utter madness the way Daniel Kaluuya descended into “the sunken place” in Get Out.  That’s why I love it. Let me explain.

While there are many “low-fi, we weren’t trying, and that’s the point” videos posted on the internet and performed at alt-comedy hangouts all over New York, LA, Chicago, and (probably) lots of others cities I haven’t even heard of yet, most of those miss the mark for no other reason than the talent attached. In other words, the bits, if delivered by folks more tailored to delivering those weird bits, would be, could be good. That’s the challenge with alt work. To really fly, it has to be married with the perfect pilot.

Take Sex Talk, for example. Anthony Oberbeck and Carmen Christopher’s bits would be unbearable if they came from the mouths of anyone but Anthony Oberbeck and Carmen Christopher, but–in true Tim and Eric style–their personal brands of humor are so perfectly matched to their style of delivery that the result is more irresistible than irritating. Watching is like you’re hanging with your best friends during the wee hours of a hazy college all-nighter, but, see, these guys are not your friends. That’s talent.

We’re witnessing a true rarity here, folks. So, please, bear witness.

Sex Talk, Episode #1

Sex Talk, Episode #2

Sex Talk, Episode #3

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Why You Should Check Out Anthony Oberbeck and Carmen […]