the truth is out there

The X-Files Will Return for Season 11, and There’s a Magic Eye Poster to Tease You

X-Files fans have apparently believed hard enough, because the series reboot is coming back for an additional ten episodes, which are scheduled to premiere sometime in the 2017–2018 TV season. Fox has not shared any details about the plot for season 11, but the announcement did come with a kind of motion poster that only contains the slightest bit of motion. The GIF reminds us that the truth is out there, of course, but could there be a hidden message in all the little X’s? Well, besides the large X-Files watermark logo above blurry Mulder and Scully? Probably not, but this is all you have to go on until the end of the year, so might as well make the best of it.

The X-Files Reboot Will Return for Another Season