Amazon Is Developing a Comedy Series Starring Jeff Goldblum and Danny DeVito

Amazon has a new half-hour comedy in the works. According to The Wrap, the streaming network is developing a series starring Danny DeVito and Jeff Goldblum created by Simpsons writer/producer Tim Long. The untitled comedy centers on “a faux iconic music duo from the past, Matt Downey (Goldblum) & Arlo Finkleman (DeVito), who are forced to reunite despite their longstanding hatred for one another. As the talented but strong-willed pair attempt to reconcile, they turn to the people who somehow manage to love these two incandescent idiots — their wives, ex-wives, children, managers, friends and lovers — all of whom turn out to be as brilliant, infuriating, and frustratingly lovable as Matt and Arlo themselves.” DeVito, Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo, and DeVito’s son Jake are credited as executive producers on the project.

Amazon Is Developing a Comedy Series Starring Jeff […]