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See an All-Star Comedy-Voice Cast Read the Most Absurd Scene From Passengers

The fourth annual Vulture Festival started this morning with a panel slightly out of the ordinary. At the Saturday Morning Cartoons roundtable, a murderer’s row of voice actors — made up of Archer stars Aisha Tyler, Amber Nash, Lucky Yates, and Jessica Walter; Bob’s Burgers vocal stylists John Roberts and Larry Murphy; Rick and Morty’s Kari Wahlgren; and Adventure Time’s BMO herself, Niki Yang — read through classic movie and TV scenes as only they could. All Q&A sessions are more or less the same when you get down to it, but there is nothing quite like hearing Lucille Bluth purr her way through Hannibal Lecter’s line about the fava beans.

The assembled talent ran through a discussion about anal play from Sex and City, the “I am the one who knocks” showstopper from Breaking Bad, and La La Land’s jazz-splaining, but the crowd roared the loudest at a slightly less likely selection. Nash, Tyler, and Roberts made their way through the pivotal sequence from last winter’s ultra-flop Passengers, in which Jennifer Lawrence’s Aurora learns that Chris Pratt’s character, Jim, forcibly woke her from hypersleep — essentially robbing her of her life. Hearing the scene reimagined by an all-star comedic-voice cast, you start to get an idea of why the film ate it so hard at the box office.

With Nash taking over Lawrence’s role, Tyler lowering her voice an octave or so for Pratt, and Roberts assaying robotic bartender Arthur, they made their way through a — shall we say — clunky excerpt of dialogue. Nash put it best in an interjection midway through the scene: “This was a real movie that people watched?!” They all made it through in one piece, however, and Tyler cut the writers a little slack after all was said and done: “When you see it, it doesn’t feel this stupid!” Take a look at the full scene below.

An All-Star Comedy-Voice Cast Re-creates Passengers