Animaniacs Might Escape the Warner Bros. Water Tower Again With Reboot

The Warner siblings. Photo: Warner Bros.

After nearly 20 years, Warner brothers (and Warner sister!) Yakko, Wakko, and Dot might be making TV zany to the max again. Animaniacs, the Steven Spielberg-produced animated variety show is reportedly getting the reboot treatment, though no home for the show has been announced yet. For those of you who missed the original goofy series, the plot loosely followed the Warner siblings as they ran around the Hollywood movie lot stirring up crazy antics and occasionally yelling at attractive people (“Hello, Nurse!”) between recurring segments like “Pinky and the Brain” (which got its own spin-off) and the pigeon mafia-movie spoof “Goodfeathers.” Yakko, Wakko and Dot would also sing original songs, sometimes with an educational bent, like a number about the state capitals and another with fun facts about the presidents (“Grover Cleveland, really fat/Elected twice as a Democrat”). True to the show’s theme song, most viewers laughed until they collapsed.

Animaniacs May Escape Warner Bros. Water Tower With Reboot