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Aziz Ansari Brings His Full Fury to Play Scorned Shop Owners in ‘Bad Yelp Reviews’

The customer is not always right when it comes to the bad Yelp reviews on The Tonight Show. In fact, sometimes, the customer is rude, disrespectful and “not a man, but rather, a LITTLE BOY.” Luckily for every upset customer leaving a one-star review played by Jimmy Fallon, there’s an owner willing to defend their establishment with a fiery passion best channeled by Aziz Ansari. Whether its a cavity-shaming dentist or a deli owner with no plans to live up to Olive Garden standards, Ansari seems to understand these proprietors and their plight. Luckily, early reviews of Master of None’s season two have been generally positive (out this Friday, May 12), so Ansari will have little reason to go after his own critics with the same righteous fury.

Aziz Ansari Plays Vicious Store Owners in ‘Bad Yelp Reviews’