Aziz Ansari Says He’s Not Sure if There Will Be a Third Season of ‘Master of None’

Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedy Master of None returns for season 2 next week, and if you were planning on binging the season in one sitting, Vulture’s new interview with Ansari might convince you to go slow this time, because there’s no guarantee for a third season. Here are Ansari’s thoughts on the possibility of season 3:

“I don’t know if we’re going to do a season three. I wouldn’t be surprised if I needed a looonng break before I could come back to it.” He only wants to take on another season if he feels like he can beat the one before it. Plus, it’s a show based on his life, and that means he has to take time to live a life, because he’s feeling a little tapped for experiences. “I’ve got to become a different guy before I write a third season, is my personal thought,” he says. “I’ve got to get married or have a kid or something. I don’t have anything else to say about being a young guy being single in New York eating food around town all the time.”

Ansari also talks about all the prep that went into his SNL monologue the day after Trump’s inauguration, his hope to one day write a movie, and more. Read the full interview over at Vulture, and check out the season 2 Master of None trailer below:

Aziz Ansari Says He’s Not Sure if There Will Be a […]