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Oscar Isaac Fondly Recalls Being Slapped Over and Over Again by Carrie Fisher on the Set of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Hopefully director Rian Johnson recognizes the gold he has on his hands and releases a featurette comprised of the full, unedited video of Carrie Fisher wailing on Oscar Isaac. What are we saying? Of course he will. That’s why he had her do it 27 times. The Last Jedi actor visited The Late Show last night to reminisce about his time on set acting across from the late, great Star Wars actress, a memory he will never forget. Not that anyone would forget getting slapped on every single part of the face 27 times, but to have it done by one Ms. Carrie Fisher? Even if you forgot it, it was all being filmed!

Oscar Isaac Fondly Recalls Being Slapped by Carrie Fisher