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Catherine Coulson’s Log Lady Had Two Memorable Scenes in the Twin Peaks Premiere

When Catherine Coulson, Twin Peaks’ beloved Log Lady, passed away in 2015 following a battle with cancer, there were unsubstantiated reports that she had filmed all of her scenes for the show’s revival in the weeks leading up to her death. That was all speculation until this evening, when viewers received confirmation that Coulson did indeed participate in Peaks’ return to television. In both the premiere and the second episode, the Log Lady is given a decent amount of screen time, during which she calls Deputy Hawk to warn him about visions she’s having of Agent Cooper. It’s an emotional scene that mirrors Coulson’s real-life health struggles at the time, and it’s bound to leave a few fans teary-eyed.

“Hawk, my log has a message for you,” she solemnly explains while cradling her log. “Something is missing and you have to find it. It has to do with Special Agent Dale Cooper. The way you will find it has something to do with your heritage. This is a message from the log.”

In the second episode, she calls Hawk once again as he’s patrolling around Glastonbury Grove in the forest to bestow even more wisdom: “The stars turn and the time presents itself. Hawk, watch carefully.” She even entices him with coffee and pie to visit her when he’s done. Who could say no?

Log Lady’s Two Memorable Scenes in the Twin Peaks Premiere