Let’s Take a Minute to Appreciate Céline Dion’s Outstanding Met Gala Instagram Video

Excuse me but: Céline Dion just took the Met Gala throne. Go ahead and make your lists of the best dressed, greatest group pics, and the most recent example of Sarah Paulson channeling all of us. The Met Gala’s most underrated achievement is besting Vogue’s trendy Instagram portrait studio. When it was introduced last year, Jaden and Willow Smith handily took it over. But this time, Céline Dion has served a lewk that’s positively otherworldly: Just observe the way she seems to levitate from the ground, the way her leg peeks out of her dress right on cue with the music, and the contrast of her couture against the black and white background. Yes, Céline Dion is doing everything right.

“Your heart will go on? Please hold.”

Let’s Appreciate Celine Dion’s Excellent Met Gala Insta Vid