Check Out ‘Terror Team,’ an Unaired Horror-Comedy Pilot Starring Aubrey Plaza

Earlier this week, an unaired pilot starring Aubrey Plaza called Terror Team was posted to Reddit, and today Polygon did some digging and discovered that the 15-minute video was a pilot presentation for Comedy Central back in 2015 that was later developed into a TBS pilot called Nightmare Time last year. Nathan Fillion, Jack McBrayer, and Matt Besser all show up in the pilot, which is an impressively accurate take on the classic ‘90s Nickelodeon show Are You Afraid of the Dark? complete with a magical Bop It, blind babysitter (played by Plaza), and the very scary “Rollerblade Killer.” Considering Comedy Central passed on the project and TBS ultimately decided to not move forward with Nightmare Time, this is likely the only glimpse we’ll get of an Aubrey Plaza-fronted ‘90s-style horror-comedy series. Check out the full pilot presentation above.

Check Out ‘Terror Team,’ an Unaired Horror-Comedy […]