Conan O’Brien Is Sticking With TBS Through 2022, But Changes to Conan Are Coming

He’s staying put. Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Though reports earlier this year suggested that TBS might be moving toward giving Conan O’Brien’s late show Conan the boot, the network has had a change of heart. TBS has renewed its contract with O’Brien, and thus his show, for four more years, keeping him with the network through 2022. There’s no word on whether Conan will remain as a traditional nightly format or make that controversial shift to becoming a weekly show, but a press release does suggest the show could undergo a noticeable overhaul. “The TV landscape has changed dramatically since I inherited the traditional talk show format in 1993,” O’Brien said. “In the past few years I’ve stumbled across many new and exciting ways of connecting with my audience, and I’m eager to evolve my show into something leaner, more agile, and more unpredictable. I also want a pony.” Turner Entertainment’s president adds: “This next chapter will provide support for Conan and Jeff [Ross, producer] to expand the boundaries from a ‘talk show’ to a range of personality-based, cross-platform experiences.” That chapter, it seems, will start with an expansion of O’Brien’s role and brand at TBS. Under his new deal, he’s getting a podcast, a mobile game, “pay TV,” live tours, and, most importantly, “digital and branded content.” Conan’s renewal also extends O’Brien’s title as the longest-serving host currently in late-night.

Conan O’Brien’s Conan Renewed Through 2022