‘Cuplicated’ Is Comedy’s Response to Master of None, Crashing, Louie, and All Comedian-Fronted Dramedies

There is a war going on, people. And it’s between comedians! Wait, don’t leave. At least watch this video first. It’s funny! So, this war. It’s over if comedy needs to be funny or if it can be, as Difficult People joked, just “30-minute dramas.” Beyond Difficult People’s second season, there is also “Funny New Comedy,” a sketch from this season of SNL, about a show that is anything but what it describes. Now we have “Cuplicated.”

From the minds behind last year’s very funny Adult Swim special Live at the Necropolis: The Lords of Synth, it’s a cutting parody of the trend of the comedian-fronted dramedy. No sense of self-seriousness goes un-satirized. Self-aggrandizing: Check. French New Wave: Check. Conversations about dating apps: Check. Discussion of L.A.’s Eastside/Brooklyn: Check. I should note, it’s also really silly and stupid and the guy talks funny.

Watch all of that above. I then recommend going to, the streaming service that released the show. There are a lot surprises to be found there — like Dragnet, but other stuff too.

Master of None, Crashing, Louie, and More All in One Parody