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David S. Pumpkins Gloriously Returns to SNL to Show Off His Particular Set of Rap Skills

Damn, this is a pretty good rap song. And it is stacked with the New Money Crew talent over at Cash Stack Records — well, maybe a little too stacked. How many special guest stars can a track possibly fit, anyway? Prinsexxxy and Sno’Cone seem chill, but do we really need Lil’ Nitwit and Skiffle clogging up some precious chorus time when King Keef should really be taking the lead? But you know what, all of those points are invalid anyway, because David S. Pumpkins (excuse us, David S. Pimpkins) is lending his vocals to “One Voice.” He’s back, baby, and ready to show off his new and improved pumpkin ensemble, as well as his loaded guns. Any questions?

David S. Pumpkins Returns to SNL to Show Off His Rap Skills