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Demetri Martin Fails at Flirting in a New Clip From the Movie Dean

Demetri Martin’s new movie Dean hits a lot of Garden State notes. A New York illustrator named Dean (Martin) has his life thrown into quiet upheaval after the death of his mother. Dean’s father (Kevin Klein) then springs it on him that he’s selling their family home, leaving his son to sort out various forms of grief as he takes a spontaneous trip to L.A. and falls for a new girl, Nicky (Gillian Jacobs). Meanwhile back home, his dad is also connecting with another woman (Mary Steenburgen). It’s a thoroughly modern love story boosted by accompanying animations, and it looks heavily charming. In the clip above, we see Dean at a gallery party trying unsuccessfully to flirt with Nicky as he sends out SOS messages to a friend for tips on keeping her attention. Dean arrives in select theaters on June 2, but you can catch an early screening at Vulture Festival on May 21.

Demetri Martin Fails at Flirting in New Clip From Dean