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A Concerned Citizen Not Named Donald Trump Gets Some Disappointing News When He Calls Into SNL’s Morning Joe

It’s commonly understood that Donald Trump gets most of his information from cable news shows, so when “spokesperson for Donald Trump, John Miller” called into Morning Joe to celebrate the House passing the AHCA in this week’s Saturday Night Live cold open, Trump learned two things: 1) As illustrated by Schoolhouse Rock bops to children past, the folks in the Senate have an actual function that makes Trump’s celebratory ragers a touch premature, and 2) things are getting weiiiiiird in the Morning Joe studio. The sexual tension between Joe and Mika is ratcheting beyond the lo-fi show’s comfort levels, and Willie Geist is one nose nuzzle away from hiding behind his desk. You know it’s gotta be pretty obscene if Trump doesn’t want his name associated with it. Mazel tov to the happy couple!

Not Donald Trump Calls Into SNL’s Morning Joe