Donald Trump Chats with His Hero Andrew Jackson on ‘The President Show’

In light of Donald Trump’s puzzling comments about how Andrew Jackson felt about the Civil War – which happened 16 years after he died – during last night’s President Show, Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump got a very special, anti-baldness medication hallucination-induced visit from Jackson himself (played by President Show writer Neil Casey). “One of the greats, one of the greats,” Trump tells Jackson, to which Jackson replies: “Am I? A lot of stuff I did hasn’t aged well.” Trump also answers some of Jackson’s questions about the American history he’s missed since his death: “What about about slavery? How’d that all shake out?” “Well, I hate to break it to you, but there’s no more slavery. But, we do have an incredible prison industrial complex that locks up black people and makes them work for nothing.” “Hey! Pretty much the same thing!”

Donald Trump Chats with His Hero Andrew Jackson on […]