Donald Trump Turned Down Appearing on SNL When Alec Baldwin Hosted This Season

Sad! Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

All season long, Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump has been a mainstay on Saturday Night Live (much to Trump’s chagrin), but the man himself hasn’t been to studio 8H since his controversial hosting gig in late 2015. But according to Baldwin, Trump’s return to SNL as president could have already happened had Trump’s recent disdain for the show and Baldwin’s impersonation not killed all chances of that. Appearing on Ellen, Baldwin says SNL extended an olive branch to Trump and asked him to attend the show when Baldwin hosted back in February, but you can guess how that went: “We invited him to come, we were so hopeful he would come, but he didn’t show up.” It’s unclear if Baldwin means they asked Trump to appear in a sketch on the show or to attend as an audience member (Vulture has reached out to SNL to clarify), but either way, Baldwin was spared an in-person review. And the American people were spared more poor attempts at humor.

Donald Trump Turned Down Going on SNL This Season