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After Seeing Dan Stevens’s Ridiculous Beauty and the Beast Suit, We’ve Decided Emma Watson Actually Deserves an Oscar

Winning an Oscar requires the highest level of commitment to one’s craft — the kind of commitment that might lead to you consume raw bison liver or break two ribs, after insisting on maintaining the hunched posture of someone with cerebral palsy for months for a method performance. But while Leonardo DiCaprio’s turn in The Revenant and Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance in My Left Foot were blatantly impressive, a new behind-the-scenes video from Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast remake has emerged that has forced us to completely reconsider the acting chops of its star. Please observe Emma Watson waltzing through scene after scene with the quiet dignity of someone who is absolutely not being accompanied by a man on stilts in a ridiculous-looking full-body beast suit (that’s Dan Stevens, of course). Seriously, you try being dipped by a guy wearing that much padding under a skintight gray number and keeping a straight face.

Why Emma Watson Deserves an Oscar for Beauty and the Beast