The Emoji Movie Trailer Is Too [Upside-Down Face] for Words


Soon, The Emoji Movie will arrive in theaters, just in time for you to [“see no evil” monkey face]. The [thinking face] film, which stars T.J. Miller, James Corden, and Sir Patrick Stewart (as poop), follows a “meh-faced” emoji who’s all [sad face] about his life, because he’s got all sorts of emotions stuck inside him. Then, much in the style of Wreck-It Ralph, our hero breaks out of the norm [happy face] then faces the consequences [angry face] then learns something about his purpose in life [is there an emoji for that? Let’s just go with a whale]. The Emoji Movie arrives July 28. [grimace emoji][grimace emoji][grimace emoji]

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The Emoji Movie Trailer Is Too [Upside-Down Face] for Words