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Only Prince Could Swat Food Out of Salma Hayek’s Hand and Get Away With It

Don’t be deceived by the Liam Payne image dominating your screen in the above video — go about three minutes in, and you get your very groovy reward. Just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore outrageous Prince stories to be shared by his inner circle, Salma Hayek, a noted storyteller, recounted on The Graham Norton Show just how humorously vicious the late singer-songwriter was with food. You ready? “I know sometimes he was quiet, but I was very good friends with Prince; he was one of my closest friends. He was so funny,” she explained. “He didn’t crack jokes, but he had a strange sense of humor. We’d go somewhere and I’d start going for the food like I always do, and I’d try to get something. He’d be very serious and go, ‘Hold my hands, and sister, stay away from the buffet.’ Because he’s right!” Hey, what did buffets ever do to Prince?

Enjoy Salma Hayek’s Funny Food Story About Prince