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Fantasy Boyfriend Jason Momoa to Star in Will Ferrell Comedy, Because He Knows Humor Is Sexy

Jason Momoa. Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

When you think of the role you’ve been waiting for Jason Momoa to play, the answer is definitely “Will Ferrell’s son,” right? Well the Pride of Gypsies is in a wish-granting mood, because that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Variety reports that Momoa and Ferrell will pair up for an untitled comedy in which the comedian will play a has-been TV star who reunites with his onscreen son years after their show went off air. The little boy grew up to be a huge celebrity and a generally huge man, played by Momoa. The sight gags practically write themselves. It will be like Daddy’s Home when Ferrell’s stepdad character sees Mark Wahlberg shirtless and everyone giggles, except when Momoa ends up shirtless Ferrell will just disappear from the screen and everyone will fan themselves as they gaze upon his TV progeny. If you’re wondering just how excited Momoa is about this news, the answer is very.

Fantasy Boyfriend Jason Momoa to Star in Will Ferrell Comedy