HBO Is Working on a Bunch of Different Game of Thrones Spinoffs

T-dawg. Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

HBO has begun the process of developing Game of Thrones spinoffs, Variety reports. According to the mag, the premium cable network has hired four writers — Max Borenstein (Godzilla), Jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Brian Helgeland (Mystic River), and Carly Wray (Mad Men) — to work separately on “multiple possible spinoffs” for the fantasy series, with George R.R. Martin partnering up with both Goldman and Wray. The news is not entirely unexpected, as HBO has seemed disinclined to let its golden goose expire once Thrones goes off the air in 2018, and fans have enjoyed speculating about a prequel series set during Robert’s Rebellion, or adaptations of Martin’s Dunk and Egg short stories, set 90 years before the main series. It’s like the Ironborn say: When it comes to extremely lucrative television properties, what is dead may never die.

HBO Hires Writers for Game of Thrones Spinoffs