silver & black

Beyond the Lights’ Gina Prince-Bythewood Directing Marvel Comics Movie Adaptation Silver & Black

Gina Prince-Bythewood Photo: Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Sony’s in a bit of a weird spot when it comes to the superhero-movie boom. They have the film rights to Spider-Man and his comic-book supporting cast, but they relinquished partial control of Spidey himself to Disney’s Marvel Studios so he could be used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That means that, although they want their own cinematic universe (doesn’t everyone?), they can’t have the wall-crawler in it. However, they do have all those related heroes and villains bopping around in their intellectual-property stable, so they’re opting to make their own playground for them. First up is next year’s Tom Hardy–starring Venom; after that will come a tale about longstanding characters Black Cat and Silver Sable, and Deadline is reporting that their film, Silver & Black, will be directed and co-written by Shots Fired co-creator Gina Prince-Bythewood. It’s a surprising choice, given that she’s not primarily known as an action-movie director, but also an interesting one — who wouldn’t be intrigued by the prospect of a superhero flick directed by the helmer of movies like Love & Basketball and Beyond the Lights? If we’re gonna reach Peak Superhero, we might as well get some directorial surprises along the way.

Prince-Bythewood Helming Marvel Adaptation Silver & Black