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Glenn Close Will Publicly Shame You If You Take Photos During Sunset Boulevard

Photo: Joan Marcus/©2016 Joan Marcus

We know, we know. Going to “the theatre” is very hip and cool, so much so that it warrants an update or two on the social-media outlets. But for the love of Billy Wilder’s ghost, don’t you dare take a photo in the midst of a performance of Sunset Boulevard on Broadway, because Glenn Close will take it as an opportunity to break out a master class in public humiliation. According to the fine folks over at Page Six, during Thursday evening’s show Close saw someone in the audience taking photos of one of her scenes, and was so enraged that she actually broke character to chastise the fan. “I’m sorry. Stop the show. Someone there is taking photos,” she yelled. “You must know how distracting and disrespectful that is. Now, we can have a show or we can have a photoshoot.” Satisfied with her words, Close then continued along with the scene like nothing happened: “Okay, let’s take it from the top.” Patti LuPone would be very proud.

Glenn Close Stops Sunset Boulevard to Criticize Photo-Taker