Hannibal Buress Delivers the Ultimate 2017 Commencement Address at The University of College

We’re in the middle of graduation season, so for a new clip The Late Show posted today, Hannibal Buress delivered the ultimate commencement address for the 2017 graduating class of The University of College. Buress has clearly done his research for the gig, and unlike most speakers, he’s makes no attempt to cover up the fact that his approach is about 80% just pandering to the locals: “I’m so honored to be here in this city that your school happens to be in. It’s a great city in a beautiful state. Last night I stopped by the really hip local restaurant where all of you get your food from. I ordered that really popular item on the menu because I’m cultured, and that’s what Yelp told me to do.” In the speech, Buress showers the graduates with all of the clichés we’ve come to expect from a commencement address, plus a few references to his Martin binge-watching to add an extra personal touch. And of course, a commencement address wouldn’t be complete without some solid, honest advice at the end: “Anyways, congrats and good luck. But just know it’s statistically impossible for all of you to succeed. That’s just life. So…good luck. Whatever. Thank you.”

Hannibal Buress Delivers the Ultimate 2017 […]