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Hannibal Buress Challenges the Class of 2017: Invent a Mirror That Shows Everyone What They’d Look Like With a Ponytail

Leaving the safety of a structured four-year undergraduate program can be a scary proposition. What if you still aren’t sure what career path you want to be on? How do you know if your passion is worth pursuing? What if you never find that one thing you really love? Lucky for you, Hannibal Buress’s Late Show commencement speech has the words of wisdom you need in order to figure out what you should be doing with your life. Those words are, “We need a mirror that shows you how you would look with a certain hairstyle.” Now, you might think the Baywatch co-star means you should invent a mirror that shows everyone what they would look like in every hairstyle, but he very clearly is not. He means only ponytails. Hannibal Buress knows you aren’t a wizard, after all. Unless you are, in which case, congratulations. This whole magic-mirror business must seem very sophomore year to you.

Hannibal Buress Has Some Advice for the Class of 2017