Let Harry Styles, Who Is a God Now, Teach You How to Fly in the ‘Sign of the Times’ Video

Harry Styles is going in one direction: Up — okay, to be fair, also across, and over water, and near some peaks and dangerous-looking rock formations. The video for Styles’s first solo single, “Sign of the Times,” combines the best of Outlander, those opening shots of Iceland in Prometheus, and Mary Poppins, as Styles soars across the Scottish highlands in a comfy sweater and vaguely military coat. (No, the former One Direction star is not divine; the tow rope connecting him to a helicopter was edited out.) So, how does Harry’s first flight go? Let’s walk through the process.

First, moon around on land, thinking about how walking is boring.

Then, it’s just a hop, skip, and a leap …

And you’re airborne!

Embrace your new powers. Walk on water.

If you want to get truly Biblical, try parting the sea.

Consider perching on a rock spire, and then decide, nah, that’s going to be to hard.

Really embrace your divinity by posing in front of a sunset.

Take a second to admire yourself from back on earth.

Then soar away into the heavens, leaving your earthly concerns behind.

Harry Styles Will Teach You to Fly With ‘Sign of the Times’