Jessica St. Clair Opens Up About Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis and ‘Playing House’ Season 3

Playing House star Jessica St. Clair has been through a lot over the past year, and as she revealed in a new essay for Stand Up To Cancer this week, it was a lot more than just raising her young daughter. In the essay, St. Clair reveals she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in September 2015, and while she has since, in her own words, kicked its ass, she decided to write about her experience to help others who might be in the situation she was in, and she also revealed that her experience is written into the new season of Playing House, which premieres on USA next month:

Shortly after I finished chemo, but during my 12 weeks of radiation, Lennon and I returned to work on the third season of the show we write, produce and star in, Playing House. Again, we would have much rather sat on our couches and watched every season of The Great British Baking Show but we knew that we had to tell the story of what we’d just been through. So we went for it. In the new season, my character, Emma, gets diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoes the exact treatment I did. We were worried about bringing such serious subject matter to a comedy show, but we’ve always written what we’ve lived. And our real story is that with the help of her best friend, and the people who love her, my character is able to get through the treatment and actually emerge somehow happier and more fulfilled than she was before she was diagnosed. We hope that by sharing my experience—our experience, Lennon and I—that somebody who is going through this process or helping their loved one through it might feel less alone, and might even have some better information for their cancer care. Because that’s really all that matters at the end of the day, right? That we try and be that bridge for each other.

Read St. Clair’s full essay here.

Jessica St. Clair Opens Up About Her Breast Cancer […]