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Jimmy Kimmel Wants to Re-create Classic Sitcoms in a Live ABC Special

Jimmy Kimmel. Photo: Mike Windle/Getty Images

Forget live musicals: Jimmy Kimmel and The Leftovers star Justin Theroux are teaming up for an ABC special in which big comedic stars of today re-create the classic sitcoms of yesteryear — live and in front of a studio audience. The as-yet-untitled event will stage full episodes of at least two TV comedies which aired in the 1970s,’80s and/or ’90s — think shows like Diff’rent Strokes, Perfect Strangers, or Sex and the City. “I spent most of my childhood in front of a TV set, obsessively watching comedies from great producers like Norman Lear, Jim Burrows, James L. Brooks and Garry Marshall,” Kimmel said in a press release announcing the project, which he will executive produce alongside Theroux. “This is a way for a new generation of viewers to discover these classics and a new generation of actors to play characters they love.” While it might seem a bit random that Theroux, best known as an actor, is producing a comedy special with Kimmel for ABC, it’s not surprising given the two are good friends: Kimmel officiated at Theroux’s wedding to, yes, a star of a classic sitcom of the 1990s: Jennifer Aniston.

Jimmy Kimmel to Re-create Classic Sitcoms in ABC Special